Perles de Gris

Perles de gris
Finesse & Excellence

Produced by the Escargotière de Warnant

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Eric Frolli, Héliciculteur, gérant de l’Escargotière de Warnant

Eric frolli Snail breeder, manager of

the Escargotière de Warnant

A luxury treat for the taste buds

The snail caviar produced by the Escargotière de Warnant is a real innovation in the world of fine food. A bit of a madcap idea that became a reality thanks to the help of the BEP and four great Walloon chefs.

This snail caviar, with its unique texture, explodes in the mouth, releasing the delicate fragrances of the undergrowth, like oak leaves, bark and humus…

Shimmering little pearls, they’ll add a touch of magic to your most sophisticated starters and go perfectly with other delicious dishes, to impress the finest taste buds.

Snail farmer Eric Frolli and 4 renowned chefs have pooled their talents to reveal all the flavours of this exceptional product.

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Based in Warnant for nearly 30 years, we breed the Helix aspersa, otherwise known as garden snails. Our finest breeders are kept in enclosures above ground level where they are fed, watered and cleaned every day. Nest boxes are provided for the snails.

Every spring, some of the eggs are used to breed more snails. For the rest of the year, they are used to produce our Escargot Pearls. The eggs are carefully harvested, sorted and washed to get rid of any impurities. This stage is the longest and the most laborious.

They are then put in brine before they are packed to satisfy the most demanding of palates.

Six renowned Walloon chefs cook the Escargot Pearls

Pierre Résimont L’Eau vive

Surf & Turf: shellfish medley, coconut, finely diced vegetables and Escargot pearls

Cédric Delsaut Bienvenue chez vous

Deliciously fresh Escargot pearls: cucumber, chives, ‘gros-gris’, avocado purée, lime

Ludovic Vanackere L’Atelier de Bossimé

An explosion of flavours that melts in the mouth: Shavings of raw foie gras, fleur de sel, black pepper, Escargot pearls

Philippe Limbourg Guide Gault & Millau

Escargot pearls in a delicious herb sauce: parsley emulsion, pieces of smoked eel, Escargot pearls

Thierry Dellisse Chez Michel

Thinly sliced scallops, escargot pearls and cream flavoured with truffle shards.

Karin Burton Lou Fèrri

Scallops on a Château l’Ermitage Sweet Muscat cream, pink beetroot, butternut squash, grated autumn truffle. Escargot pearls. Mini tomatoes and white chickpea sprouts.

Escargotière de Warnant
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snails produced every year

3000 m²


30 years




300.000 €


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Tel and fax : 082/61.23.52
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Adress : 1 rue de la Gare, 5537 Warnant